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Introducing the next generation of Lunch Bags/Hand Bags. I invented the Pranzo Bag:A high-fashion, Eco-friendly lunch bag / hand bag for women. “Pranzo” (Italian) translates to “Lunch” and is not a “typical” lunch bag

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Posted by Mary Lou Palazzolo under Green Energy

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Pranzo Bags- Michigan - Pranzobags.com
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Full Description

The Pranzo Bag solves the problem of keeping food, beverages,

Medications, baby bottles, etc. cold when refrigeration is not available. 

I am seeking Licensing or a Buy-Out. 

The Pranzo Bag is stylish, durable and available in a large array of vibrant vinyl colors and textures such as crocodile, ostrich, rattlesnake, quilt, and viper.

It is lined with a new, innovative, patented material that is anti-bacterial and made in the United States called Reflective Mylar, which reflects heat, and will not rip or wear out like many other insulated bags.

·         Sewn in compartments keep the ice pack and aluminum bottle in place.

·         Once the ice pack is frozen the contents will remain cold for over 10 hours.

·         The Pranzo Bag can be carried two ways by using the short handle, or the long, adjustable cross-body strap.

·         The back pocket can hold an I-Pad, reading material, cell phone, etc. 

I invented the Pranzo Bag because I could not find a lunch bag that appealed to me or had the features that I incorporated into my bag. When I saw first-hand how many plastic bags, paper bags, and plastic bottles were being thrown away every day, I decided to make mine eco-friendly as well.

 Using the Pranzo Bag eliminates the need to use plastic bags, paper bags, or plastic bottles.

 That’s what makes it eco-friendly.

I did the research and found that for every high-quality, reusable bag a person uses it will eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags being used over its life-time.

Most women love a great hand bag. So why not carry one can be used as a lunch bag or a hand bag while using less disposables and be stylish at the same time?

My customer (target market) would be described as a lady who is either fashion conscious, health conscious, or environmental conscious.  She is either an employee who wants to bring her lunch to work or a traveler.  She could be a mom, and active woman on the go who could participate in indoor /outdoor sports. 

I invented and own the Patent for the Pranzo Bag – Patent Number: US  D655, 583 S

I currently purchase all of the components for the Pranzo Bag within Michigan and various States in America. 

 I am seeking companies to "License" my product or a buy-out of my Patent.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience at: inquiry@pranzobags.com

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Mary Lou Palazzolo 

Inventor / Pranzo Bags