Quality And Quanity Fluidt Sensor


A multi-function IN-LINE sensor to monitor and control fluid quality and quantity in autonomous systems of car engine and transmission, trucks , marine, aircraft and machine tools. Available for either Licensing or sales

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Posted by Josef Maatuk under Automotive

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Quality And Quanity Fluidt Sensor
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Full Description

The sensor technology is described in patent # 6,776,037 and patent # 7,334,471.

prototypes were built and tested with accuracy of 1 to 5 %.

It has a built-in adaptability to future challenges and geometry of future fuel tanks.

It has a built-in safety features that will give the buyer a strategic advantage 

The Data of the sensor can be integrated with data bus of automotive diagnostic systems.

It can be used in the automotive, marine, aircraft,appliances and food processing industries.

It offers a strategic advantage with its self-calibration which eliminate the need for periodic maintenance. 

It can be used as In-Line Real Time fluid quality and quantity sensor to greatly save resources and energy making the technology highly attractive to OEM's.

    It is a thermocouple configuration device with firmware for simultaneously measuring IN-Line in REAL TIME multiple liquid parameters using a single probe and the proprietary Wave@Technology. The technology represents a new approach to liquid sensing. It is not based on conventional technology (float, capacitive , gravity , pressure , ultra-sonic and such), is highly adaptable and can be customized for wide variety of applications.

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