My invention not only solves a problem, but also makes recovering your trash barrel's a simple task. You will never loose track of your trash barrel's again as they will always retract back to it's post stand. (Retract-A-Barrel)

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Posted by Michael Grenier under Household

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My invention can be described as follows,

Invention name-(Retract-A-Barrel)

My invention solves a major problem outside every home in America, By simply connecting to the handle(by clip on device like a carabiner) by a retractable cable to any outdoor trash barrel, a garbage man may toss your barrel into the street and it will retract and return to it's post, Screwed in the ground at edge of grass line. The post is just a aluminum pole with a cork screw like bottom that secures to any dirt or grassy area at end of driveway.

This post(pole) comes with an attached retractor coil, which has a adjustable (2.0lbs-8.0lbs) retraction tension. This allows for any size out door barrel to easily return back to it's post. With my invention you will never see wind blowing barrel's into the streets again! The cable that is attached to the barrel's will be 20ft long, ensuring a trash man can grab the barrel's dump the trash and have plenty of cable to reach the truck. This also make's it easier for the garbage men as they don't have to try and gently place the barrels down. They may toss them and the barrel's will return to the post and may easily be removed by un hooking the clip on carabiners.

The basic components of this invention are- A aluminum pole with attached retractable coil enclosed in plastic casing, with a 20ft cable that wraps around coil retractor. At the end of cable is a aluminum ring and carabiner clip that attaches to barrel handle. The coil retractor has an adjustable tension difference of 2 to 8 pounds. Functionality- When a trash barrel is attached to this device it Auto-retracts to it's pole by the retractable 20ft cable attached to the clip that is on the handle of barrel. The cable is retracted by the high tension coil in the enclosed retractor device attached to the post(pole). (Note)- By adjusting the height of the pole(post) to the height of handle of any barrel, will guarantee the barrel to return upright every time.

Patent Pending Inventor-Michael J.Grenier Copyright-2015