Roll Bag Locking Strap


The roll bag locking strap is a device that identifies and protects your luggage from theft at airports.

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Posted by Joseph Edwards under Electronics & Gadgets

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Roll Bag Locking Strap
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The roll bag locking strap (Luggage dog) was granted a United States patent on the 7th of May 2013.Patent No.: US D681,339 S. This invention was conceived after my luggage was mistakenly removed from Miami Airport in 2011.

 (1) The roll bag locking strap identifies your luggage coming around the carousel. It does this by it's unique dog ear design attachment.Both attachments on the main strap will have the same pattern.On the left side will be a built-in  transperant plastic pouch to insert the passenger's Name,Address,Telephone number, and E mail address.On the right side will be a built-in transperant plastic pouch to insert a photo of the passenger.  

 (2) The roll bag flexible locking strap is folded around the telescopic handle of the luggage around the stationary handle of the luggage. Both ends then come together in the center at the engagement structure for locking.The device cannot be opened by cutting through. It can only be opened by the owner's KEY.Which would then facilitate the telescopic handle to be extended to allow the traveler a comfortable grip on the handle. 

 (3) There were 3 billion airline passengers worldwide in 2015, and that number is expected to grow annually hence there is a great need for luggage security around the world.Airlines are forced to pay out millions of dollars in compensation each year to passengers for lost or stolen luggage.This device will prevent theft and lost of luggage.                                

(4) This luggage anti-theft device can be manufactured very economically by using the same type of durable flexible plastic that is used in the maufacturing of plastic tie straps for use on construction sites. Home land security will be thrilled with a product like this on the market.I am looking for a licensing agrement for the roll bag locking strap.