Rotary Shaver Patents And Improvements


Patents for a new rotary shaver that is the world's fastest and easiest to use rotary shaver. View and access these patents and descriptions on the website www.rotaryshaver.com.

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Rotary Shaver Patents And Improvements
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The www.rotaryshaver.com website provides the prospective licensee with photos of modified rotary shaverS that demonstrate the operation of a Planetary rotary shaver. The models used are rechargeable
rotary shavers that were rebuilt with rounded head shapes and new gear-drive systems that
enable circular movement of the cutting heads on the shaver’s surface. The shaver's surface can
be designed to revolve at any speed between 1 to 5 times per second and will depend upon
he specific gear-drive combination that is used within the circular head of this new rotary shaver. This circular motion significantly increases the ability of the cutting heads to lift and cut all the hair ends.


All other rotary shavers simply cannot cut the beard unless they are moved by hand across the face. When pressed motionless against any spot on the face they will not cut the hair. Also, when the shaver is
moved, it will only cut the hair progressively. For a complete shave it must be pushed around repeatedly with the circular movements that are recommended by all rotary shaver manufacturers.
However, the circular hand movement of the entire shaver body around the lip and neck area is almost impossible
with other rotary shavers. Because these rotary shavers require so many circular hand movements for a clean and closer shave over the entire face, shaving becomes a very slow and tedious daily task.

The new, patented Planetary rotary shaver cuts the beard clean even when it's held motionless against the face. And, when moved over the entire face, including around the lips and neck, it shaves completely clean in less than one minute. The automatic circular movement of cutting heads
takes all of the work out of shaving without irritation to the skin.