Security Camera Linked To Cell Phone


this motion sensor security camera can download pictures or video to your phone and you can control all functions from your phone, on/off switch from pictures with variable time lapse to full on video. Has a slot for smart card for downloads and storage.

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Posted by Michael Woodcock under Electronics & Gadgets

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Security Camera Linked To Cell Phone
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The camera is small enough to use as Asset protection anywhere, home, auto, work, school. Built in link system to connect to your phone through application designed specifically for any use, whether a camera with a time lapse that you set yourself. to full on video, if that isn't needed then just set to motion sensor mode and take photos as objects come into view. With the protection of this system be connected to your security camera through motion sense texting, as soon as a pic is taken in this mode it send it to your phone in the form of a text, and action can be taken immediatley to notify the proper authorities of a situation as it is happening. Imagine having a total sense of security over your Assets as your enjoying yourself from anywhere you need to be. This is the perfect opportunity for ground breaking technology taken to the next step. This ground floor idea will sure to be a big hit with someone wanting that anywhere, anytime security protection.