Selective Cancer Treatment Technology


The technology represents optimization and monitoring by MRI of nano sized cancer drug release in deep tumor regions. Aiming for cure for those 20 % who die from local complications. Lead time to market 1 - 2.5 y. Approved patents. USD 0.45 mill.

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Selective Cancer Treatment Technology
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Full Description

CancerCure Technology - www.cctech.no

CancerCure Technology Ltd. (CCT) is a company working on Magnetic Resonance (MR) guided cancer treatment systems and selectively induced drug release for significantly improved therapeutic index (survival). The technology represents real time monitoring, novel combinations and optimization of current treatment regimes. Lead time to market – 2.5 years. The technology is patented (approved). Total market size USD 45 bill. (2004).

Oncological objectives

  • Aiming for cure for those 20 % who die from local complications.
  • Significant increase in therapeutic index (5-year survival) for those 80 % who die from metastases.

Cooperating bodies

CCT has a development agreement with Rikshospitalet (The National Hospital of Norway), close ties to The Radium Hospital and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The Company has received a grant (NOK 3.5 mill.) from "Innovation Norway" and is approved for "Skattefunn" (20 % refund of R&D expenditures) by the Research Council of Norway.


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