Showerpal - A Makeshift Kiddie Shower


This kid friendly designed product clamps on the neck of a bathroom showerhead and rotates in front of it to block the spraying water and funnel it down its tube section then the water sprays out like a regular shower but at a lower childrens height level

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Posted by Anthony O under Household

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Showerpal - A Makeshift Kiddie Shower
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-Patent No.: US 9,216,425 B2

-No tools required shower attachment that creates an actual kiddie size shower

-Functions as an extension to an ordinary showerhead by bringing the spraying water lower and closer to the user before spraying out which will make showers more enjoyable and less intimidating by eliminating the encompassing feeling children experience from water spraying out from an adult height showerhead

-The spraying angle is adjustable so it can be enjoyed by most childrens heights of kids between the ages 2-8 yrs old

-Also can be used as a fun way to ease the transition for younger children who are switching from taking baths to taking showers

-When the use of the product is not needed, while still attached the product conveniently swings up above the showerhead out of the way


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