Side View Mirror Clearing System


Air Vizion Technologies Mirror Clearing System allows drivers of industrial trucks to clear moisture from side view mirrors via the flip of a switch. Drivers get instant visibility by clearing moisture from mirrors to allow safe backing and lane changing

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Side View Mirror Clearing System
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Air Vizion Technologies has developed a patented system that allows a driver to flip a switch located in the cab of a truck (or bus) and through a series of hoses and nozzles deliver a burst of compressed air onto the face of out side mirrors to remove moisture. Currently there is no system on the market that allows a driver to remove moisture from side view mirrors without getting out of the vehicle. The systems works with ANY vehicle with an air system.

Our website is www.airvizion.com.

We also have some videos on the site that show the product working. www.airvizion.com/videos.php

It retails for $125 for a unit that works on both mirrors. There is significant margin in the product to offer fleet or multiple unit discounts.

We have an additional product that works on the same premise but has been adapted to clear back up camera lenses. This product would be an ideal solution for RV's, waste haulers or any other vehicle with an air system and back up cameras.

The market opportunity for this product in United Sates alone is huge. There are 7 million Class 8 trucks on the market today and an additional 200k being added each year. This product will work anywhere in the world where there are air equipped vehicles.

Once its safety features are proven in the market there is also the opportunity to make it a required OEM product or a requirement from insurance companies. Owners would have the opportunity for lower insurance rates for installing the product.

We have had 90+% positive reaction from drivers for our product. However the current economic times and recent sky high fuel prices have limited disposable income from drivers.