Smart Exercise Machine The Sxm


The SXM is the first smart exercise machine that will change forever the way we exercise. Developed by a former NASA engineer, it is cloud connected and controlled via a smart phone or tablet.The resistance is dynamic and generated by a digital servomotor

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Posted by Michael Ross under Fitness & Weight Loss

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Smart Exercise Machine  The Sxm
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Full Description

US Patent No.: US 9,539,458 B1 Date of Patent: Jan. 10, 2017

US Patent No,: US D700,667S    Date of Patent: Mar. 04, 2014 

Inventor: Michael Peter Ross, Carlsbad, CA 

 Product Features: 

The SXM is the first smart exercise machine, a revolutionary

product that will change forever the way we exercise, just like

the smart phone changed the way we communicate. 


The SXM offers a systematic approach to Measuring, Instructing and Tracking your


Tablet Connected

Control and communication with the SXM through your smart phone or tablet allows unlimited apps to be utilized, everything from improving your golf game to recovering from heart surgery. 


A number from 0-300 measures your overall strength, as IQ does with intelligence. This is the first universal system that quantifies a person’s strength. 

Digital Servomotor Resistance Generator

Resistance is generated via an electric torque motor and controller, which allow resistance increases as low as 2% of the load in use. Sets and reps can be pre-programmed, transparent to the user, as can the resistance profile per rep. 

Intelligent Drive Architecture

The system’s feedback system allows the SXM to measure position, velocity and resistance at every moment during the exercise. These metrics will be fed into iPad or tablet, allowing continuous monitoring of the user’s progress. 

Cloud Technology

All of the user’s biometrics are stored on the Cloud, accessible from anywhere on the planet and in space. 


The SXM is 90% efficient compared to the average home gym efficiency of an estimated 45%. What this means is that the SXM user can reach his/her goal in about half the time required with other machines. No time is wasted adjusting cables, pegs, rods, cylinders, etc. Everything is computerized; the resistance is determined for each muscle group and each exercise for optimum performance throughout each rep and set.


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