Solar Lithium Ion Battery Pack


Solar powered Lithium Ion battery pack with patent pending for switching power supply (reduces power consumption by approx. 10%). Working prototype.

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Posted by Raymond Thomson under Green Energy

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Solar Lithium Ion Battery Pack
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Full Description

I have developed a Solar powered Lithium Ion battery pack with a fixed 5 volt output, compatible with a wide range of 5 volt devices, including Wifi range extenders ,outdoor wireless mesh systems, Wireless IP cameras and GSM cameras,as well as the up and coming technology of "MiFi" hotspots. I will expand on the applications later in this document.

The features of this invention include: -

*30 watt ruggedized solar panel

*48 wh lithium ion battery pack with full circuit protection and battery meter

*Proprietary high efficiency DC-DC converter with incorporated switching sub-assembly which is designed to limit power losses in the Lithium Ion battery pack and for which a patent has been filed, rights to which will be included in the sale.

*A low power Event timer programmable relay allowing the unit "on/off time" to be pre-set for a period of up to 1 year (For example if you were running a WiFi hotspot and only required the unit to be on for a few hours a day) which incorporates battery backup to protect the time settings in the event of a full power drain.

*Adjustable A-frame legs allowing the solar unit angle to optimized and adjusted

* All electronic components are housed in an IP-65 rated weatherproof enclosure with a waterproofed main on/off switch located externally

* Mains power input via a waterproof socket, allowing the battery pack to be charged via a mains source if required.

*Battery pack fully charged from flat with around 6 hours of direct sunlight

* Standby power consumption of less than 30 milliamps

My profile: -

I am a 34 year old inventor based in the north-east of Scotland. I am degree qualified in Electronics and Electrical Engineering with extensive prototyping and design experience gained within the oil and gas industry. Further, I am IPC610 certified and as such my wiring, soldering and mechanical layout is done to a nationally recognised industry standard. The reason I am selling this intellectual property is that I am a private individual and not capable of mass producing this product and the costs and risks associated with such a venture as well as pursuing the patent rights .

What I am offering is as follows: -

*A fully functioning prototype.

*Electronic design schematics for proprietary power supply and switching sub-assembly, Gerber files and component details

*Transfer of patent rights for Proprietary power supply and switching power assembly.

*Full mechanical assembly instructions and design schematics, all of which will be written to IPC610 standards

*System operating instructions.

*Full disclosure of all know-how, tricks of the trade and specialist knowledge gained over the past 12 months of research and prototyping.

*Full disclosure of parts suppliers and sales leads.

*My own technical support via email and telephone for a period of a year after the completion of transaction.

A few of the third-party devices with which the unit is compatible are as follows: -




The unique selling points of the Solar powered lithium ion battery pack are as follows: -

*Extremely high power to weight ratio, with lithium-ion technology. Total unit weight less than 6 kgs.

*Proprietary power supply with patent pending which reduces required system power by around 10% using unique power switching system incorporating super-capacitor technology.

*Programmable low power relay allowing end-user to control the product's "uptime" as desired.

*Fully integrated system design which requires little end-user technical ability.

In the first instance, I can supply any interested party with details of the patent filed as well as test data, photographs and more detailed product specifications and operational information.

In the second instance, I would invite any interested party to my place of business for a full product demonstration and discussion.

I will offer to bare the contractual legal costs and offer any reasonable assurances and clauses to any potential buyer.

In the interests of full disclosure, I would emphasise that the patent filed is merely "pending" and has not been granted. Any party purchasing this intellectual property would be required to pursue the patent at their own cost. However, I will give full disclosure of the details of the patent filed, allowing any interested party to make their own assessment of whether it is likely to be granted prior to risking any money.