Solar Powered Porch And Address Light


The ornimental design for an exterior porch light with cylindrical body with address window, cap cover, and bottom end cover with holes to attach globe. Patent #D553,784,US7,310,901 B1

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Posted by JOHNNY ESTES under Household

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Solar Powered Porch And Address Light
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This light will change the porch lighting system as we know it today. Not only does it act as a porch light it is also an address illuminator. The very attractive design is so unique and inexpensive to produce we built the prototype for under $11.00 and that was at retail prices. We have taken the prototype to contractors, builders, homeowners and the only question asked is when will it be on the market.  The light is bright enough to light up your entire entry way. It comes in various colors and styles to complement your customers home decor.  The light is worry free it comes on at dusk and off at dawn. It can also be used like the conventional porch light and turn it on whenever you want.  Police, fire dept, and rescue vehicles are so impressed because it is so plainly visable from the street for emergency situations.  Easy to install just 2 screws and 2 wires fits into excisting porch light site.  Invention is fully patented and up for negotiation.  Just let us know how you would like to get the entire presentation and we will accomodate you to the best of our abilities. e-mail address JOHNNYESTESENT@AOL.COM OR NEARLIPER@AOL.COM.  By phone 352-625-3477 or 352-625-9349 cell phone 352-875-4421 or at our mailing address: 1874 ne 145th ave rd Lot 2 Silver Springs. Fl 34488