Spark Free Jumper Cables - Patented


Our spark free jumper cables are the only ones in the world that won't spark even when the cables are connected to a live battery. The safest in the industry and the market potential is huge! Every gas station, major retailer, automotive store etc.

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Posted by Toky Ranaivoson under Automotive

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Spark Free Jumper Cables - Patented
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All jumper cables (except ours of course) have expossed copper teeth on the clamps. When you are connected to a live battery and the copper teeth touch, it creates a dangerous spark that can hurt you and ruin your vehicle's electical system. Our Spark Free Jumper Cables eleminates the most dangerous process when jump starting your vehicle by our patented safety design. As you see from the pictures on my website, when our clamps are in the closed position, the copper teeth are un-exposed so the clamps cannot spark when they touch eachother.

This product is great for people with little to no experience in jump starting vehicles. Espessially great for new drivers and women. Parents will have a better peice of mind if their children have our Spark Free Cables, also husbands will have peice of minds for their wives and also anyone with elderly parents still driving.

Our patented safety design are currently on 16 feet, 6 gauge, medium duty jumper cables but it is not limited to that specific spec of cables. Our safety design can be put in all jumper cables from 1 to 10 gauge, 6 to 30 feet cables, light duty to heavy duty cables etc. There is also a good market for replacement clamps and our design can be implemented in those aswell. You can accomodate to any retailer on any type of jumper cables they want. 

Also, our safety design can also be implemented in other products in other industries. Such as welding equipment and battery packs.

In all, the patent has alot of potential. Hope you enjoy my product! Open to a licensing deal or full patent buyout.