Spreading The News


It's uses are to Alert, Inform, Promote, Advertise, Acknowledge Accomplishments and Communicate with other drivers while out and about and on the road.

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Posted by Clayton Davis under Electronics & Gadgets

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Spreading The News
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Full Description

What is a Brief Description of my idea?



1.     News Briefer

2.     Greeter

3.     Low Cost Advertiser

4.     Promote Favorite Teams

5.     Show Acknowledgements

6.     Makes Driving Safer

7.     Alerts Other Drivers of Dangers

8.     Will Give New Fancy Look Vehicles

9.     Save Drivers Time in Traffic

10. Will Help Law Enforcements Spread Warning Quick (Amber Alerts, Missing People, Terror Warnings etc.)



What will it do for the End Users?



1.     Spread News

2.     Advertise

3.     Help Your Community be Safer

4.     Show Team or School Pride

5.     Communicate with other Drivers

6.     Alert others Of Dangers

7.     Vehicle will have a Sexy New Design

8.     Promote- Garage Sales, Honor Student etc.

9.     Warn others of Bad Weather, Detours, Accidents and Missing

10.  Vehicles Makes your and others Commute Safer and Quicker