Steadfast Restaurant Table Base


Self leveling restaurant table base. Quick & easy

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Posted by Duncan Edwards under Restaurants, Food & Drinks

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Steadfast Restaurant Table Base
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This design is a unique self leveling restaurant table base, which can be locked in a suitable stable position with the turn of a handle. With the locking mechanism in the off position, the table top can be set with a spirit or bubble  level or even just by eye, and all 4 off the  legs will adjust independently to a surface with up to 15mm overall  high or low points. Example bad paving cobble stoned side walks, sloping ground level etc. Once the table is set in a temporary or permanent position there will be very little or no movement caused by rocking, the table will therefore be stable and level ready for any customers to enjoy a hassle free meal.


There is a full 3D model file for each part of the assembly available .A scaled down working model could be manufactured by a rapid prototyping procedure where the parts are grown from a liquid. This method is fast and accurate but the size is limited to the solution tank, it is also not cheep. If needed I could assist in all tooling design and or manufacture of molds, jigs, patterns etc. I could also set up a full production manufacturing line from start to finish anywhere in the world, for an acceptable offer.