Successful 15 Lb Watercraft, Next Gen


AQUASCOOTER, gas powered 15 lb Personal Watercraft that can run submerged. Based on an East Germans idea to escape to a Danish Light Ship 15 miles offshore. Recently featured on the TV show "Mysteries In The Museum" Next generation in the works

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Posted by ROBERT WITKOFF under Sports & Entertainment

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Successful 15 Lb Watercraft, Next Gen
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Aquascooter is a Personal Watercraft for which I had an exclusive market. How many can say that?  I was forturate enough to have had a mentor, who believed in many of my ideas. Unfortunately he has since passed on.  If he was still alive I would not be on this site. My design and component engineering contributed to its enormous 36 years of success.   The U.S. market for Aquascooter is proven and huge.  The next gereration will be at a far better pricing structure for an impulse purchase.  

Recent environmental requirements in the U.S. has caused a severe shortage of supply and the consumer demand can not be met. 

I can not let the vast potential of the U.S. market go unnoticed.  I and have spent the last two years researching new designs, refind engineering, to fabricate a far superior product that will comply with all environmental regulations, dramatically reducing costs, to meet the ever growing consumer demand. My design research has sought to approach if not meet, the U.S. Coast Guard Standards for a Personal Safety Floatation Device, and if so, opens up another vast market, e.g., A Lifesaving device. The design also provides for spawning other related products.

The NEW product, “SUPERCRUISER,”  requires $75,000 and three months to complete the design, engineering, materials plans (much is already researched), and pre-production prototypes for environmental certification, patenting purposes, costing, pricing, and taking advance orders. Production Tooling costs are a phase II project requiring additional investment.

 I am looking for investor/s, as my mentor was, Intrepid enough to see the enormous potential of this truly unique product/business.  I look forward to discussing this with you in detail.