The Bullpull, Moving The World


Patented, tested, proven. The tool of the century with no equal in it's class. Manually extract all and any type fence posts, shrubs, road signs, use it as a jack or leveling tool, save lives as an emergency rescue devise. It's light, it's green, it works

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Posted by matthew baldwin under Green Energy

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The Bullpull, Moving The World
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The BullPull is a new lightweight, easy to use portable pulling and lifting tool designed with the use as well as the user in mind. This tool is economic as well as ergonomic. It is all manual so it uses no fuel or harmful fluids. Leaves no damage footprint to property nor does it leave a carbon footprint. This tool is safe for the environment and safe for your workers or self to use and operate. It is "Green" tool that saves green cash.

  •  12th century Archimedes said "Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world"  21st century Matthew Baldwin said "Give me that lever with 4 positions and a tower with 5 positions and I will make moving your world a whole lot easier.
  • Help reduce workers comp issues by reducing stress and helping avoid injury.
  • Increase productivity while enhancing process
  • Time is money so save time save money
  • Want to rent a costly machine that burns fuel and may leak hydraulic fluid?
  • Pay one man and not two for the same job
  • Want to please your customers by completing a difficult task without damaging their property.
  • Want to brag to the public and your competitors that you can go green on post pulling
  • We have extracted nearly everything and anything you can imagine with this tool in all sorts of difficult terrain and situations with very positive results. We have gone above and beyond and it is always ready for more,
  • We have shipped them to Canada, Alaska and throughout the US. We have had numerous requests from many other parts of the world.
  • Some of the BullPulls areas of influence are:
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contractors will pull ground rods
  • Oil and Gas fields
  • Fencing companies
  • Farm home and ranch
  • Survey crews
  • Sign companies
  • Tool Rental Stores
  • D.O.T. sign crews
  • Portable buildings, can be used as a jack for lifting and leveling
  • Nurseries
  • U.S. Military
  • Emergency search and rescue trucks and crews
  • Off road vehicles. ATV and dirt racing
  • Erosion control fencing
  • Much much more.
  • Dimensions: 50"h x 6.5"w. Wt 27lbs apprx. Chain assy 7lbs apprx. Handle stows neatly inside tower assy when not in use and held in place by one 1/4" lock pin. So you have one tool and not two.

  The BullPull is here to stay using a 12th century idea with a 21st century twist. This combination simply speaks to the common sense of all of us. Make a difficult task easier and faster with a product that will outlast it's user. Made to take a beating so you won't have to. Putting Ingenuity in your hands. thebullpull.com click the YouTube Chanel link on our page or search us on YouTube our in the field non staged vids speak for themselves. Http://www.thebullpull.com