The Cat Killer ( Working Title)


A rodent like cat toy designed for over rambunctious cats or to nurture the Wilder side of your cat

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Posted by Robert Clinkenbeard under Electronics & Gadgets

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The Cat Killer ( Working Title)
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It is a mouse or rodent like toy for cats and or small dogs with broom scanning and perimeter guiding technology. What it is designed to do is scan the perimeter of a room and rotate around the room clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the setting constantly. And with that it out into the center of a room it would auto correct itself with the electromagnetic counter-balance inside and find the nearest wall and continue on its Journey it would also when sensing Darkness with a photosensitive I would stop squeak and then continue on its Journey wood woul run on rechargeable battery and have an electro magnetic counterbalance inside so when not on its back it would correct itself Advanced models would be made for larger dogs and even yards