The Lasagne Cradle And Roaster


it can be marketed in different ways but consists of a container for stove top or micro-wave that has a cradle that fits inside a pot, casserole, or roaster for dual purposes or sales. the cradle is to lift lasagne noodles out of hot water for lasagne.

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Posted by ken wisniewski under Household

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The Lasagne Cradle And Roaster
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the cradle makes noodles in one step by loading lasagne noodles into a pot, tupperware,casserole,roaster with a cradle that has a comb like structure to separate noodles with a 1/4 inch gaps for noodles to be lowered into hot water then lifted out after several minutes to prepare lasagne. the cradle can be made in several ways for different markets and profits. it can be a fancy pot or roaster with a wire rack or a plastic or glass casserole for a micro-wave. it is simple design either way and very profitable with the sale of the pot or tupperware design. product can be made in a variety of ways to many to label just one. the main idea behind product is to lift noodles inside container out and to have enough to make a lasagne. a 11inch x 6 inch area is needed for a single lasagne or 11 x 10 for enough noodles for two lasagne but both should be about 4 inches deep and a lid optional but adds more selling points. .