The Perfect Finishing Touch


Snug-fitting Lycra slip-ons for the feet with embossed simulated toenails that gives the appearance of a complete fully-colored pedicure.

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Posted by Robert Friedman under Miscellaneous

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The Perfect Finishing Touch
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The Perfect Finishing Touch


High quality footwear fashion adornment designed for women that would be an excellent complement to any type of sandals or open-toe shoes.


The Perfect Finishing Touch slip-ons are made with Lycra, a comfortable, flexible material that creates a perfect, snug-fitting, skin-colored foot accessory with embossed simulated toenails that give the appearance of a fully-colored pedicure that every woman loves to show off!


The Perfect Finishing Touch can be worn by women of all ages and can be easily produced in a wide variety of beautiful styles including high-fashion embellishments for all occasions.



The amazing and innovating design naturally covers up any deformities and discolorations of the toes, allowing all women to feel confident and comfortable. The Perfect Finishing Touch is a PERFECT product that will fill the market niche for thousands of women who avoid exposing their toes because of these problems.