The Tackle Buddy


The Tackle Buddy is a product that makes fishing less work and more fun. If your tired of dragging a huge tackle box around while walking and fishing around the banks of a lake the patent pending Tackle Buddy is for you!

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Posted by William Bryant under Sports & Entertainment

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The Tackle Buddy
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The Tackle Buddy is a hard plastic miniaturized tackle box attachment that fits on the handle of any fishing pole. It has 3 compartments with a secure double locking lid. The Fishing Buddy will keep a few of your favorite fishing lures secure and easily on hand while walking around the lake banks fishing.Gone are the days of lugging around a huge tackle box while fishing or wanting to switch lures and you have to walk a half a mile back to where you left your big tackle box.  If you want to just fish and have fun then The Tackle Buddy is the one!