Tool Drive System


A wrench/ratchet accessory, sort of a Versatile Joint, with integrated functions for transferring rotational torque from a tool at phenomenal angles. It provides flexibility to fit, operate and transmit force or rotational torque thru minimum space.

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Posted by Rizwan Ullah under Industrial

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Tool Drive System
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Objective:Fasteners such as screws and bolts are located in a variety of angular positions. With virtual flexibility & multiplied torque this tool provides ease of turning (opening/tightening) obscure fasteners at remote location. Description:A Tool Drive System is designed for transferring rotational power from a rotational tool, such as a drill or ratchet, to at least one input drive shaft which then transfers the power to at least one output drive shaft. The angle of at least one input drive shaft being adjustable relative to at least one output shaft. The tool drive system comprises a round housing with an angle adjuster attached to the input shaft that assists in adjusting and locking the angle of the input shaft relative to the output shaft in an almost circular span. The input and output shafts may be positioned in a user-selected gear ratio from the input to output shafts or vice versa.