Trash Takes Itself To Road! (patented)


A Trashcan Robot designed to automatically transport itself to the end of the road/driveway on the date and time chosen by the consumer.Product is patented and 100% developed and ready to sell. The cost to make the robot is under $300.

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Posted by Lance Ramshur under Household

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Trash Takes Itself To Road! (patented)
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 I have a patent on a product I have developed. It is a robot trash can that takes trash to the road using a date/time programmable timer. 

I can make a fully functional robot for under $300.  As you know, this price would go down dramatically upon producing in bulk.  The robot has two separate paths that it can travel.  Path 1 is activated via a key fob at which time the robot will come from its home location (behind house, under carport, etc.) to the user’s preferred loading location (front door). After 20mn the robot will return on its own to its home location.  Path 2 is activated via the date/time programmable timer.  This path way travels to the end of road for however long the user sets and then returns on its own. (goes to the road by itself on trash day!)


This product will meet the needs of senior citizens and the disabled who need help taking their trash out. It also posses a huge market as a convenience product to middle class citizens.  



I would lke to either sell the patent or license it out. You can view pics, videos, and detailed info about the product on my website at www.naveedworld.com. I can be contacted best by email at naveed.LDR@gmail.com. Thanks for your time!



Lance Ramshur,