Turn Patients Over With No Strain


This is an innovative system whereby the healthcare worker or practitioner can easily turn over their patient without the effort which usually results in back injuries for service provider and disorientation for patient.

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Posted by Patricia Betty under Healthcare

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Turn Patients Over With No Strain
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The B-Lever System Therapy/Treatment Tables(tm) (also referred to as BackSaver Patient Turning System) is a passive patient turn over system that is controlled and monitored by the healthcare worker or practitioner.

Medical staff, healthcare workers and complementary care practitioners will tell you that the job they hate the most is that of having to physically turn over an unconscious, disabled or obese patient.   Caregivers providing at-home care will also tell you the same thing.  It can sometimes take up to 4 hospital staff to physically turn over a patient.  This job often results in injuries leading to missed work days and high insurance costs.

 My turn over system was designed after many years of working in complementary care both in hospitals and private facilities, hearing horror stories from medical staff, and seeing a need that had to be addressed.

The B-Lever System Therapy/Treatment Tables(tm) is controlled and activated by the practitioner pressing various levers when needed to raise, elevate and transfer the patient from supine to prone.  The patient is safely strapped in during transfer which is easily effected by practitioner.

There are additional features in the table design to address patient comfort and breathing needs when lying prone, and I have also designed add-ons that work with the System Tables, or can also work on other treatment tables already on the market.

The B-Lever System Therapy/Treatment Tables address such pressing needs as:

*  easy, stress-free patient turn over

*  eliminate the need for multiple healthcare workers in patient turn over

*  preventing healthcare worker/caregiver injuries

*  reducing sick days caused by injuries

*  drastically slashing insurance costs caused by such injuries

*  making needed therapeutic treatments easier for patient and practitioner

*  allowing for easy transfer from bed to treatment tables

*  stacking in place without taking up too much room

*  versatility could apply to other situations, including animal surgery

and so on.

This innovative System idea has been presented to hospital staff, complementary care practitioners, at-home caregivers, patients and holistic health clients and has been met with great enthusiasm!  We have also had a business simulation done by a professional company, and even with conservative guesstimates, the economic projection was staggering.