Ultraviolet & Privacy Protection Blinds


I invented and hold a patent for an awesome new blinds system. It provides the means for multiple type, color and material blinds to hang in one window. The blinds each operate independently. A wall mountable blinds controller is added to the patent too.

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Posted by Lisa Watkins under Household

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Ultraviolet & Privacy Protection Blinds
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The Advantages of the UV and Privacy Protection Blinds System


Energy Savings:  The capability to light up areas that would usually be dark because of privacy restrictions; saving the consumer hundreds of dollars a year. 

 UV Protection:  Keeps the direct sunlight off of the consumer’s skin and enables a happy burst of sun light to enter overhead for lighting purposes only. 

 Privacy Protection:  Hotels, motels, schools, homes, offices even RV’s and boats could benefit from the ability to let light in and keep wandering eyes out or in. 

 Favorable locations:  Beach front properties, residential or commercial skyscrapers or buildings in urban areas, ground level offices, schools and more!

 Customization:  The use of various materials, various lengths and various types of blinds combine to construct one system.


To receive a PDF booklet with addition details and pictures of this invention by email contact: trusolutions@gmx.com