Unique Stock Trading Software


Real-time stock trading screeners and trading/investment tools. Existing sales (100K+ annual gross) on almost no marketing. Insufficient resources to explode the base.

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Posted by Gary Crandall under Financial

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Unique Stock Trading Software
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We have a series of excellent software trading tools which have somewhat of a "cult" following. We have been doing this since 2003 and the products have evolved into excellent enhancements for stock traders. Unique technology that would be very difficult---if not impossible--- to reproduce from scratch.

Products include real-time stock scanner (user can customize) which scans 2200 stocks in real time, a market replay product (replays the whole stock market, any day in the last six months, tick-by-tick to test strategies), a "QuickScan" product for a black-box approach, and a sophisticated back tester to determine which stocks respond best to specific patterns.

Products currently sell $100K+ annually with a 20-50% growth rate. This is occurring with a marketing budget of $500 per month (that's 5 hundred...not thousand). We lack the resources and time to expland much faster.

I am looking to sell this intellectual property, and perhaps stay on with the new "team" to continue development. All software has been created from scratch and includes both client and server side systems. I would need an offer attractive enough to resign my ownership against the existing 100K sales with probable 50% growth each year to come.

Current plans include Chinese versions for Asia (a 200,000,000 trade base!) and a comprehensive training course for newbies.

Detailed product descriptions can be seen at our site -- www.garsworld.com