Usb Universal Password Device


USB Password Booster provides strong passwords anywhere without software. Works with Windows, MacOS, Linux, home, office, public library. Completely solves password problem: strong passwords are difficult to remember. Simple passwords are unsafe.

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Posted by Kenneth Clubb under Computers

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Usb Universal Password Device
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Full Description

  • Requires you to remember only a single "seed" password to access all of your accounts across all computers, yet each account gets its own unique strong password 
  • Is the ONLY solution today that works immediately with ALL computers and Operating Systems - Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, SunOS, to provide strong, unbreakable passwords for LOCAL and REMOTE computer account logins
  • Facilitates stringent password policy enforcement by providing very strong "superpasswords" that are easily re-generated and changed
  • Is unhackable because no passwords are stored onboard the device
  • Is inexpensive and baggage-free to own and use
  • Works anywhere immediately without installing any software or device drivers, such as at public libraries, schools, hotels, and Internet cafes
  • Includes an onboard boost generator, similar to a password generator 
  • Works immediately within server racks using any KVM switch with an integrated USB hub
  • Can be used anywhere a password is required, to password-protect spreadsheets, documents, databases, ZIP files, WiFi networks, and more 
  • Patented technology is simple to explain to users and administrators