Utility Trailer Tilter


The Trailer Tilter is designed to be used by Hot Rod enthusiasts, Landscapers, equipment haulers, and those owning utility trailers desiring the ease of loading without having to lift or damage their car or equipment.

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Posted by Michael McGriff under Automotive

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Utility Trailer Tilter
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The Trailer Tilter (Patent # 7370844) is designed to be portable and lightweight. This will enable the user to insert it into a standard 2'' receiver hitch on a tow vehicle. Upon attaching the Trailer Tilter to the vehicle the operator can attach any one of a number of Utility Trailers to the Trailer Tilters ball. By removing the locking pin and operating the mechanism the operator can raise the front of the Utility Trailer thus lowering the rear to a desired level for loading equipment, cars or material. The lowering of the rear of the Utility Trailer until the ramps are level with the bed will prevent the equipment from dragging on either the front or middle while loading. Once loaded the operator can lower the Tilter back to its locking position and insert the locking pin for towing.