Voicecards Contain Your Voice Message


VoiceCards contain the Senders voice message and are created over the telephone, smart phones, on-line over the Internet, or in person at a retail store. When the Recipient receives the card they just squeeze it and will hear the Senders voice message.

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Voicecards Contain Your Voice Message
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Imagine this . . .

  • Receiving flowers or a gift with a greeting card that contains the Sender’s personal voice message! 


  • Creating and sending a greeting/gift card containing your personal voice message from your personal computer . . . smart phone . . . or your home/business telephone . . .  at the same time you ordered the flowers or gift!


  • Owning this Patented technology that can serve markets such as: Flowers, Gifts, Greeting Cards and Business industries with annual revenues totaling in excess of $298 Billion . . . and having an exclusive product giving your Vendors a major competitive advantage!

VoiceCardsÒ are a simple, convenient, competitively priced, consumable product that enhances the gift-giving experience by adding the Sender’s voice message to a greeting card created in person or over a telephone or internet at the same time the product is purchased. 


When the card arrives in the mail or with a gift, the recipient just squeezes the card and the sender’s personal voice/audio message can be played over and over.  The card and gift-giving experience is enhanced by hearing the senders’ personal voice message.  When you care enough, send VoiceCardsÒ . . . "The next best thing to being there!"Ò


Over 3 billion greeting cards are sent each year by the $5.7 billion greeting card industry.   Of those, 1 billion birthday cards are sent each year and two-thirds are sent through the U.S. Mail.  The 16,182 U.S. retail florists $5.4 billion industry benefits by offering VoiceCardsÒ to replace current non-billable labor costs with a new high-volume, high-profit margin revenue stream.   The VoiceCardsÒ system and greeting cards are an inexpensive investment and can be utilized by small or large businesses, retail stores, catalog companies and a network of chain stores.  There is virtually no competition to this Patent protected product technology, and no one is currently serving the various $298 billion dollar retail market segments. 


THIS IS A TURNKEY OPPORTUNITY All the Patented technology and Web systems have been tested.  Assets include:



VoiceCards, Inc. (Colorado Sub-S Corporation No. 20141690425)



Incorporated Company owned by the Inventor

Not debt

Business Plan


5”x7” Greeting Cards (generic)

2”x3.5” Floral/Business Cards (generic)

Custom cards can be printed/manufactured



www.VoiceCardsInc.com  (Marketing)

www.VoiceCards.com Ò    (Phone and Web Retail Card Sales)

https://voicecardsc.web711.discountasp.net/Account/Login.aspx  (Authorized Vendor order & voice file download)



1-800 - VoiceCardsÒ  (800-864-2322)

1-855-529- xxxx  (Interactive Voice Response)


PATENTS – Issued:

8,437,454 B2 (May 7, 2013) - Method & System for Recording An Audio Message (application filed March 10,


7,535,996 B2 (May 19, 2009) - Method & System for Recording Audio onto a Carrier Using a Personal Computer

(application May 29, 2004)

7,203,287 B2 (April 10, 2007) - Audio Recording System & Method of Use (application filed Oct. 7, 2003)

6,718,013 (April 6, 2004) - Method & Use (application No. filed on Oct. 1, 2001)


VoiceCardsÒ - U .S. TM Reg. No. 3,329,885  (continued to Nov. 6, 2017)
"The next best thing to being there!"® U.S. SM No. 2,819,379

1-800 - VoiceCards®  (800-864-2322)


-    Patent disputes . . . infringement by a large firm causing expenditures to prosecute patent violations.

-    Manufacturing . . . supervising manufacturing in China (has not been a problem to date).

-    Shipments . . . time lags of shipments from China (has not been a problem to date).

-    Controlling expenses . . . fluctuation of the U. S. and Asian currencies (minor inflation to date).



o    Creating distribution centers (home basement or storage) and shipping via UPS/FedEx/Mail at vendor’s expense.

o     Product support and reliability covered by manufacturer’s warrantees and exclusivity.  

o    Educating vendors and on-line customers on the process and what the recipient will hear.



+   A product using existing technology in a creative new application.

+   Retail vendors have Internet access, PC’s, Web sites, and skills to download voice messages.

+   Users do not need any software or special equipment to download sender’s messages.

+   Vendors can offer VoiceCardsÒ as an add-on option on their Websites with a simple link.

+   Product (cards and ornaments) are not complicated or perishable and does not have the potential to create any liabilities.

+   Product is low cost, convenient, and is a consumable.

+   VoiceCardsÒ are the only greeting card (or ornament) that can be recorded by the sender over the telephone or

            Internet and can be sent by itself or with a gift.

+   Recipients of VoiceCardsÒ will play them to their family and friends who will want to send

            VoiceCardsÒ to their family and friends.

+   Major card publishers are into recordable pre-recorded sound cards (voice, music and

celebrity voices), but they only offer a 10-second play, not convenient because they have to be                

purchased in a store and delivered  by the customer.

+   Considerable volume of cards through catalog companies and retail florists i.e. Harry & David process 4,000 calls per hour during holiday seasons.

+   Retailers and catalog companies who have the system will sell and advertise VoiceCardsÒ as an enhancement of

their merchandise and promotional services or in lieu of “free shipping.”

+   Retail florists can use the VoiceCardsÒ system and features to transmit and receive orders in lieu

of Telefora® and FTD networks, thus saving them membership and order fees.

+   High profit margins ( 40 – 45%) on high volumes of cards sold through a number of established

retail industries in a multi- billion-dollar market. 

+  Essentially no competition . . . that will also allow vendor/licensed companies to enter new markets, create new revenue streams,

            and enhance their products/services with cards containing the senders personal voice message.