Wall-mount Clip


The Wallee Clip (tm) is a universal, transparent wall-mount widget that lets you hang "any" hand-held item (over 3 lbs) onto "any" vertical surface (temporary/permanent, indoor/outdoors). Video views: www.WalleeClip.com

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Posted by Robert Rock under Household

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Wall-mount Clip
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Full Description

Clips are made of flat, clear plastic strips (3-inch long), with waterproof, clear adhesive, these clips are peel-n-stick and invisible on the job.
Wallee Clips can be used alone
(or with special loops, included) ... or paired together for interlocking strength and convenience. Clips are also removable and reusable.

View online video: www.WalleeClip.com

Newest (unpublished) re-design features increase simplicity and strength ... AND more proprietary protections. Clips will work the same way ... only better.