Water Soluble Paint Stripper Tape/quilt


Tape filed with Paint stripper, easy to apply, environmentally friendly, quick, economical, safe, and convenient - Used anywhere you would remove Paint- Aviation, Marine (Boats, Ships etc...), DOT(Lines on Roads), Graffiti, Construction, Retail & More

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Posted by Jesse Johnson under Automotive

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Water Soluble Paint Stripper Tape/quilt
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Water Soluble Paint Stripper Tape/Quilt  

Paint Strippers can be dangerous to use, difficult to apply, and expensive. One reason is it tends to evaporate before it completes the objective. Paint stripper is used in the sun by choice to collect the heat and release any fumes when working on Furniture, Car parts, Air Planes etc…    Stripper can take 30 minutes to work but evaporates in as little as 10 minutes. The solution to all these drawbacks is a New Invention;  water dissolvable Tape or Blanket filled with Paint Stripper, much safer to handle, very easy to apply, convenient, quick, environmentally friendly, and economical - besides all that - it works!

The stripper filled Tape/Blanket is made with PVOH water soluble film (much the same as the new soluble plastic film you find on a dishwasher soap tablets or the new laundry soap ‘PODS’). The Tape/Blanket eliminates evaporation of active stripper ingredients allowing single applications to achieve the same results as many.  This Invention opens up many fields of application to strippers that were previously not possible.  A big advantage is - it reduces the risk of the user coming in dangerous contact with the stripper. The Fields of use are vast, just some examples are; Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Swimming Pools, Road Markings/Painted Lines, Graffiti, General Construction (small painted houses to large apartment buildings) Retail (big box retailers) and Government, anywhere paint remover is sold for use!

  Easy to apply directions…  1) Gently Remove stripper Tape from foil vacuum pack  2) Simply spray painted surface (not the tape) with water (using a small mister bottle)  3) Apply Stripper Tape (Remember – Blue side up!)  4)Wait the dwell time, typically 30/45 min at room temperature (for Biodegradable Type Stripper -  the dwell time is about 1½ to 2hrs)   5)Now (45 min later) Spray top of Soluble Tape (Blue Side) to dissolve the remaining portion.   6)Finally, scrape or wash away the remaining Stripper and Dissolved Paint.    

        In the early days of development, we were looking for a way to cover Paint Stripper once it was applied to keep it from evaporating while it was working on destroying the paint – NOT ONE Stripper manufacture we spoke with thought PVOH (soluble plastic) would work to package the Stripper, they all thought the stripper (what ever type) would damage the PVOH.  We found that only Water damages PVOH,   so a Patent was obtained for the packaging of paint stripper in Soluble Plastic Pouches (or “Tape”).   The Key Unique beneficial characteristics of the invention are these – The Ease of Application,   The effective efficient way it makes paint strippers perform with just one coat and the safe fast clean-up!, and when used with the new “Safe” stripper materials that are entering the market - Biodegradable too!              What Do You Think?