An inline electrical connector that requires no tools other than pliers. Makes crimps, crimping tools, soldering irons etc. obsolete. Can be waterproof and very strong. Connection is faster, easier and safer. Patented, Trademarked, Design Registered.

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Posted by cameron tait under Electronics & Gadgets

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WEC  A generic plug for any wire to wire, wire to terminal or wire to unit connection. The insulation of the wire is not removed. Inherently safer. Contamination of the wire is also avoided as well. When the insulation is removed the strands need to be twisted together for insertion. Salt and moisture imparted to the wire begins the corrosion process from day 1. My invention prevents that from happening. Conventionally, the piece of plastic insulation removed from the wire now becomes a foreign object. This is particularly relevant in aircraft, marine and sensitive installations. With my invention, the foreign object issue is solved. This connection is inline. Vital in small spaces and provides a neat and tidy layout. No tools are required except a standard wire cutter. Connection is fast. It is splashproof and can be 100% waterproof. Connector can be undone. Connector can join wires of different diameters. eg. 3mm to 3mm, 3mm to 2.5mm, 3mm to 2mm. Resistance is the same as an uncut wire. It is in fact a connection and junction box all together in a streamlined unit, assembled in your fingers and superior to anything before. This connector makes crimps, crimping tools, wire strippers, soldering irons, heat shrink, all obsolete. Please visit  wec.net.au