Weekend Warrior Game Show


The Weekend Warrior Reality Game Show This game show will: ¢ Place average viewers in pairs to compete in Olympic Events!

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Posted by Don Fessenden under Sports & Entertainment

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Weekend Warrior Game Show
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The Weekend Warrior Game Show


This game show will:

  • Place average viewers in pairs to compete in Olympic Events!  (Once established we will invite celebrities, college and professional athletes...our contestants could be children, adults or even seniors.)
  • The remaining pairs (teams) change following each event.
  • Will see viewers vote by text or phone for upcoming events. (A list of events to vote on will be provided)

  We will also...

  • Select one male and one female viewer to compete in the next game show season from those who voted for events.
  • Give the shows seasonal champions, the option of returning to compete in the next season’s game show.

The Weekend Warrior Game Show. All Rights Reserved. Don J. Fessenden.

 The Weekend Warrior Game Show:

Show Objective


To be the last couple (team) and identified as show champions! 


The first 12 competitors will be chosen by show producers.  

First Episode


  1. The total number of competitors will be 12, six men and six women. 
  2. These competitors will be paired in teams of one man and one woman.
  3. The women will draw their partner for the upcoming competition.
  4. Following the competition the pair (team) in last place will be eliminated.
  5. The next week competition will be voted on by viewers.
  6. Repeat Step 1-5. Until we have one pair left, and identified as the Show Winners, Champions!

The new game show will have 4 men and women chosen by the shows producers, and one male and female being selected from viewers who voted for events during the previous game show.  As well as the final two spots being given to the shows previous champions, making a total of 12 competitors, 6 men and 6 women.     

  •  These steps are followed for each show. 
  •  All competitors will win money and other prizes.  Their place will dictate amounts. 
  •  This show will place average Joe’s against one another in pairs but it could evolve into professional athletes, entertainers, and celebrities. 

The Weekend Warrior Game Show. All Rights Reserved