Welding/gouging Safty


A safety barrier to contain the hazardous effects of ark gouging.

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Posted by daniel leblanc under Industrial

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Welding/gouging Safty
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As you are well aware, in your industry there is one area that remains extremely

hazardous, spark containment.

I am introducing a revolutionary safety device to the welding industry pertaining to arc gouging.

 Would greatly appreciate  comments to danielaleblanc@hotmail.com.

​ This unit is a concept model only to show its practicality and its versatility. It can be made to accommodate most any job. Can be placed over most any surface, be used vertically, horizontally  as well as hung from ceilings. Also made for corners, adjustable to suit any degree. Can even be custom made for specific jobs.

Another convenient feature is its external air source which is beneficial in enclosed and confined spaces and a filter which reduces any smoke. An electrical insulated barrier prevents the unit from grounding to the work surface. Can be made light weight and compact for ease of use. It will greatly reduce or eliminate burns and other harmful effects associated with arc gouging to the worker and surrounding worker's as well as property and environment.

 For more information or to see a video feel free to contact me at danielaleblanc@hotmail.com