Wheelchair Assistant Strap


The Wheelchair Assitant strap attaches to a manual wheelchair and is used to pull a wheelchair behind a patient that may be re-learning to stand or walk after a stroke, accident, hip or knee surgery, etc.

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Posted by Joan Nagel under Healthcare

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Wheelchair Assistant Strap
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If a patient is re-learning to stand or walk following a catestrophic event, a nurse or therapist hold on to the patient to help him take steps or learn to walk again.   The patient can become fatigued or unsteady and must immediately sit down.   And where's the wheelchair?   It's  now 10 or 20 feet behind you at this point.       It's not available unless another nurse/therapist is present to push the chair behind you.   Or you may be in a private home and there is no second person to follow with the chair. 

This strap securely fastens to the chair and to the attendant's wrist to pull the chair along so it is available for the patient.    Now, a hospital or medical facility doesn't have to pay a second person to assist.......so it's cost effective, too.     The strap is stretchy so as not to hurt the patient and is washable for health purposes.

Check out our web site:    www.wheelchairassistant.com

We are interested in marketing and selling this product nationwide OR we are willing to negotiate the sale of the patent.   Our short-term goal is to help as many people as possible by getting our product into medical catalogs.      Our long-range goal is to contract with wheel chair manufacturers to have it built into all new manual wheelchairs.