Wine Glass Holder For The Outdoors


This wine glass holder is designed to be used outdoors, as in picnics, music concerts, at the Beach. Also useful on boats or spas with the wine Glass holder your drinks will never ever Spill Again!!! now you have your hands free, to do as you please!!!

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Posted by Anthony Beltrami under Miscellaneous

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Wine Glass Holder For The Outdoors
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 Standard Patent, Patent Number 2005201478 The wine glass holder is injection molded A.B.S Plastic, product Tooling has been made in Australia!! made from P20 2311 tool steel single Cavity Die, complete and ready for production, also each glass holder can be ink branded with logos, great for avertising. its very compact, lightweight and is used with stemmed glass ware  your drinks will never spill again!!! can be used on flat ground or sloping ground or on the sand, simply push into the ground, and insert your Glass of your favorite drink its that easy!!!now you have your hands free, to do as you please!!!