Ziphanger Clip-on Bag Hook Organizer


The ZipHanger is a hook which snaps onto the slider of re-sealable bags so you can prominently hang and find the bags when needed. The ZipHanger saves standard bags from the fate of being just more “pile-it-in-the-drawer” storage devices.

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Posted by Arthur Shrader under Household

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Ziphanger Clip-on Bag Hook Organizer
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Organize with the ZipHanger. Hang-It-Now and Find-It-Later! The all new ZipHanger Clip-On Bag hook snaps onto the slider of a re-sealable Zip-Lock style bag to make it easy to find your hard to store items that would otherwise be lost in a drawer forever.  Simply snap a ZipHanger onto the slider and hang the bag where convenient.  Great with peg boards, in the garage, kitchen, pantry, hobby shop and for travel.  In addition, ZipHangers  help to improve hygiene by keeping items clean and visible while making it easier to use the bags' slide mechanism itself.