Patent an Idea

Patent an Idea

Date: August 03, 2007

How to get a Patent for your Idea

by Jill Dow

Do you have a great new idea? Are you an aspiring new inventor? Are you scared someone might try to steal your idea or invention? Are you wondering if your idea or invention is even new? Would you like to know how to get a patent for your idea or invention? If so, please read on for answers to these common patent questions.

Invention patents are obtained through the U.S. Patent Office. All of the information needed for obtaining an invention patent and the patent filing procedures are listed at their website: Here, you can download and file your patent application electronically.

Not everyone can obtain a patent for their inventions or ideas. If your invention has already been created, or if it is just an improvement of someone else’s patented invention, you cannot obtain a patent for it. You can do a patent search at to see if your idea has already been thought of.

When you’re ready to obtain a patent, you can either file yourself or get the help of a patent attorney. Patent attorneys are available anywhere, but make sure you find a reputable one because they can be quite expensive. You’ll also have to pay patent application fees when you file.

There are 3 different types of patents: utility, design, and plant. Each type of patent has a different application. The patent application should include the inventor, a description of the invention, what the invention does, drawings, charts, testimonials, and any other information about the invention. You must also submit the application fees upon filing.

Next, your patent application will be reviewed. The patent examiner will do a patent search to be sure your invention is unique. If he determines it is unique, you will get a patent. If it is not found to be unique, you will not receive the patent and you must argue against it or try to file again.

Once you have the patent, be sure to get the help of an Invention Development Organization (IDO). An IDO will help you to market your idea and invention. They will also help you protect your invention and its patent by keeping a look out for copy cat inventors that will try to mimic your invention.

This is all of the basic information you need to know to obtain a patent for your idea. The U.S. patent office receives over 350,000 patent applications a year, so the application process for your patent idea can take a very long time. Be patient and remain optimistic. If you have a truly remarkable idea or invention your chances of obtaining a patent are excellent!

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