Protect your Idea with an NDA

Protect your Idea with an NDA

Date: August 13, 2007

How To Use A NDA to Protect Your Idea When You Don’t Have A Patent

For most of the companies found over the market today, a most valuable asset is the IP(Intellectual Property). advises you to take proper and necessary steps for protecting your own asset to utilize with full potential. A NDA or a Non-Disclosure Agreement is often called as statement of confidentiality. This statement allows a company for sharing an Intellectual property with others around you without jeopardizing information. For instance, if you are having a new product, say, a proper Non disclosure agreement will ensure that the expert is not handling the details of your new product.

A Non-Disclosure agreement is a kind of legal contract between an individual and another one. Further more, you also agree thereby for disclosing certain important information for a specific purpose. Also, they agree not to expose any information to public. A Non disclosure agreement is the only way for protecting your intellectual property. You use NDA when you are having information which you should convey to someone, but not to pass that to anyone else.

When you don’t have a patent, NDA will be very helpful for making a strong agreement. Many companies may have a NDA like, as posted over the web for some reasons. There are lots of similarities within them; still they show a very huge range of industry. As for any legal document such as a non-disclosure agreement, you may need to consult a trained professional to avoid certain legal problems. But, better don’t rely on the forms which are available on the net unless/until you are well qualified to do that.