Working With A Patent Attorney

Working With A Patent Attorney

Date: August 09, 2007

by Sujith Pillai

Patent attorney – hiring one is very expensive. Still, you need one for filing your patent. So, how do you go about hiring one?

Most newbies consult with a patent attorney as soon as they have an idea which they want to pursue. The patent lawyer will advise that filing for patent protection is the very first step to be taken. Immediately, the newbie budgets an amount for this, and throughout the process, will spend a considerable amount of money. At the end, he/she may learn that the patent idea is not marketable!

Some tips to do this the right way:

  1. When hiring a patent attorney, always go with those who offer a free initial consultation
  2. Make sure the patent attorney has filed similar patents before. An example: a patent attorney who has filed software patents for his (or her) clients will be able to better handle your patent application for something like translator software. 3. Make sure the patent attorney will not charge you for simple queries.
  3. Make sure the patent attorney provides you with a cost estimate, once you provide him with a summary of your idea.
  4. Always prepare an initial draft of the patent application. This will save you a lot of money, since the time spent by the patent attorney to draft the application will be lesser.
  5. Find attorneys who are willing to start without a retainer
  6. Find out a patent attorney who understands your needs, and is willing to communicate with you.
  7. Do not ask the patent attorney general questions which you can find by reading books or surfing the Internet. Remember, you are paying for his time!

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