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From the start, Idea Buyer has been careful to not make any guarantees about my future success. Additionally, they have reduced my feeling of insecurity that they would steal my idea. They made clear to me that I was protected. After making me feel comfortable, they have become a key element of my team. They are helping me with drawings, referring me to experts where they do not have coverage. While they are not my partner, I certainly feel like they have my back, just like a good partner would. To say the least, I am a happy client.
Bella Shea
19:38 05 Mar 18
I just received a call from an Idea Buyer consultant asking about my experiences with them to date. To paraphrase, here is what i told him: "Communicating with Idea Buyer is easy. The feedback that I receive from them is well thought out. I feel that I have chosen my product consultants well, and think that if I succeed, I will have a lot to thank them for" Now, here i am leaving a google review for a great company, and feeling impressed that they have gone to the expense of hiring a customer care consultant as well. So, there is my 2 cents about Idea Buyer, and here is their 5 star review!
Ann Roberts
17:38 04 Mar 18
I almost spent $40k on a patent with my patent attorney. Then I met the VP of Idea Buyer at a luncheon and was fascinated by how they worked. In partnering with them, I was able to get fully to market for less than what my patent attorney tried to charge me. It took me four months to be accepted to their program but it was worth every persistent call to get ahold of them. I happily pay them their royalty fee every month.
craig raymond
17:13 24 Mar 18
Great experience so far. The staff is organized, professional and project oriented. I am excited to see the next steps of my project. I appreciate that they do exaggerate how things may ultimately turn out. I feel blessed to have found Idea Buyer.
Kiria Cardoso
23:12 02 Mar 18
I've been working on my idea now for about 5 years. I had begun commercializing it with a different company, but felt that they were not proactive enough for my taste. A friend referred me to idea buyer, and I am glad she did. They have been a godsend. I am happy with their creativity, their personalized services, and their professionalism. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Phillip Tarver
19:55 05 Mar 18
Always great to talk to. Understanding and always answered my questions. Explained the process and it’s ups and downs. Great group to work with
Charles Zakarin
21:01 19 Jul 18
Idea Buyer is the most professional and personable company I have ever had the pleasure doing business with. The heart and soul of all companies and businesses starts at the top. Mr. Corl is by far the most friendly and accessible company President ever...hands down. Mr. Corl is an extremely busy person, yet I have talked to him several times and always makes time to take my doesn't get any better than that! The bottom line is simple. If you are looking to make your idea into a business, or getting your business to where you dreamed it would be...choose Idea Buyer. The best (and first) business decision was partnering with the outstanding team at Idea Buyer.
EJ Porche
20:46 19 Jul 18
After much frustration in developing my business plan, a friend referred me to Idea Buyer. My needs were pretty complex, so I ended up working with the CEO Eric Corl. I have to compliment Eric. He cut through the red tape, and turned each one of my challenges into a solution. Believe me, what I am trying to accomplish is not boilerplate. If you need someone who understands success, thinks outside the box, and has a ton of ethics, call Eric. I am glad I did.
c mitchell
03:06 20 Jul 18
I have never been so excited about a partnership. The staff has been the best!! Here is to an exciting future
Sharon Cummings
23:08 22 Jul 18
I started working with this company a couple years ago, and Eric is going above and beyond on my project. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend this company.
Coastal digs
19:14 14 Dec 18
I had a really good invention idea but didn't have a clue where to get started. Thanks to Idea Buyer, I'll soon be ready to get my idea to market.
Rory Lavelle
19:21 07 Dec 18
The Idea Buyer LLC representatives have always been helpful and friendly. The way that they've outlined everything for me has been wonderful. I'm very pleased with them
Cassaundra Huber
15:11 14 Jan 19