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Idea Buyer assists entrepreneurs, looking to start a business around innovative products and technologies.

Starting with concept development Idea Buyer experts can then design a brand most fitting for your business. All materials and platforms used to market your business is based on individual strategy. The end goal is to prepare each entrepreneur and business for retail sales and licensing opportunities. 

When opportunities present themselves, Idea Buyer helps with manufacturing sourcing and management, along with distribution. 

To learn more about our areas of expertise, click here. For more about our team, visit our About Us page. 

Any person that is interested in talking with us to make their idea a realistic business will be asked to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement before any conversations begin. We understand how important your idea is to you and we agree that you should take the necessary steps to maintain protection of your idea and business concept. Our standard non-disclosure agreement for ideas and concepts, looking to engage in further discussions about development and forward progress towards a sustainable business, will be sent to you as you are notified that we are interested in working with you.

No! Idea Buyer works with ideas at all stages, including those that still need to be patented. Our legal team can prepare and file a patent for your idea as assist with it becoming a fully developed and protected concept.

Yes! Our team of experts can assist with products or technologies at any step of the development process. For more information, please see our services page .

Will Idea Buyer “buy” my “idea”?

Occasionally there is confusion over the name of the company, Idea Buyer. The company’s name has more meaning, than a literal assumption. In short, no. Idea Buyer does not buy ideas.  Idea Buyer does, however, provide opportunities for an idea to be bought.

Within every element of Idea Buyer, there is an end-goal for an inventor entrepreneur to sell or license their idea. The online marketplace and product development services are the main aspects of the company. Both are platforms for an entrepreneur to utilize and progress towards an interested party buying their idea.

Online Market Place

The Idea Buyer online marketplace allows you to create a listing for your idea. You provide a well-written description of your idea, patent, copyright or trademark and promote it. When someone wants to buy or license your idea, they will contact you directly through the website. Click here to learn more or to create a listing.

Product Development Services

On the development side of Idea Buyer, we provide services to assist you into fully developing your product for retail distribution. Developing an idea into a product allows you to create a business around your idea and sell or license the product.

While Idea Buyer does not “buy your ideas”, we can provide you with the resources to find a “buyer” for your “idea”. This is carried through within all aspects of our business. Contact Us to get started today!

We have heard countless stories from clients saying they wish they would have come to us first. For their sake, we wish they would have too!


Unlike many companies that consider themselves to be competitors of Idea Buyer, our team is very selective of the products and technologies we work with. The company was created to help people be successful with their ideas. Ten years later, everyone employed at Idea Buyer stands behind this belief.

When comparing our company to others, we have recognized how different we are. Mainly, because of the people that work here and their desire to help our clients succeed. Being a part of a product’s success is what TRULY excites each of us. Every idea we work with has a team of dedicated account managers; people updating you on a regular basis and available for questions. Often, due to the level of communication, real relationships are formed, making sharing good news even more exciting! 

We are REAL people that genuinely care about your business.

Over the years, we have chosen to turn away ideas we didn’t believe had the qualifications or means to be successful. As every growing company knows, it’s never easy to turn away business. However, Idea Buyer strives to uphold a moral integrity of partnering with only those we see as a good fit. 


If you would like to know more about who we are or what we do, visit our About Us page.



Idea Buyer is the choice between an invention and a business.

We have heard too many horror stories about invention promotion companies from inventors that come to us after working with them. Based on what we know, Idea Buyer is very different from an invention promoter.

Idea Buyer is a company that helps inventors become entrepreneurs. We assist inventor entrepreneurs to grow their business around an idea. People with great ideas, capable of becoming a business, do not need an invention promoter. They need the Idea Buyer team. Click here to read more about promotion company differences.

If you haven’t already, we suggest looking at USPTO resources for inventor entrepreneurs. We are constantly reading new publications from the USPTO geared at helping new products. It is important to us that we are always meeting the industry standards set by the USPTO. To see more about how Idea Buyer is in line with USPTO advice for inventor entrepreneurs, click here.

Our team of experts can assist you in positioning your business for investments, funding, and small business loans.

Idea Buyer is a product and technology development firm that helps entrepreneurs develop and prepare their ideas to become a self-sustaining business. While there is no direct affiliation with the TV Show, Shark Tank, Idea Buyer can assist with the development stages for better positioning with investment and media opportunities.

We work with entrepreneurs, looking to create a business around their product or technology. Once the product or technology is properly positioned for retail distribution or licensing, your business will have a foundation ready for review by investors, like the ones seen on Shark Tank.

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