Our Services

As an end-to-end development firm, our team of experts offers select products and technologies the following services to assist in every aspect of the process from concept to retail distribution:

Branding & Marketing Materials

We help to identify the most appropriate logo and branding strategy, around your product, with focus on the core representation of your company. Once branding has been established, we will create marketing materials to represent the brand and the best communication process for the product or technology.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Before entering the market, it is crucial to protect the intellectual property behind your product or technology. We offer expert patent attorneys to assist you with the key elements for optimal protection.

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App Development

Our team of web and mobile designers and developers will begin by identifying the core features and benefits the app has to offer. From UX to UI design and all the way through programming, our app development team will guide you through each step of the process to ensure optimal reception in the App Store or Google Play.

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Targeted Market Entry & Outreach

Once key retail distributors have been targeted, our outreach team will pitch your product or technology. Marketing materials, along with any other relevant documentation will be submitted for review by the buyer.

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3D Renderings & Package Design

In order to generate preliminary interest in the product, renderings are created to provide a digital explanation of the product and its inner workings. Additionally, our design team can create print ready digital packaging with appropriate dyelines and UPC placement.

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Website Creation

Our team will identify the most appropriate use of the website, whether it be marketing, e-commerce or driving app downloads. Consistent with all branding created, the website will be an additional tool for educating the targeted consumer on the product or technology.

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Once an identified retail buyer or licensor has expressed interest in the product or technology, our team can provide assistance with the following services:

Product Specifications

With a Computer Assisted Design program, our engineers are able to create a to-scale ‘blueprint’ of your product. Additionally, we evaluate the best materials, components and technology involved and source for optimal profit margins.

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Using CADs, along with other aspects of the product or technology development process, our prototyping engineers will create a tangible product to allow for an evaluation of usability and assess any necessary changes. Prototyping can also be used to generate consumer and retail interest, along with gaining feedback about the product from retail buyers.

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Manufacturing Quotes

Once a buyer or licensee has expressed interest in the product, our team will take the CADs to manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, for quotes on an initial run.

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For products that have received purchase orders, our team offers the following assistance for fulfillment:

Manufacturing Management

When your product is ready for a manufacturing run, our team of experts will manage the process. One of our product managers will be assigned to handle the communication with the manufacturers, along with consistently confirming that the tooling, production and shipping on remaining on the timeline provided, in order to fulfill a purchase order date given by the retailer.

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Retail Distribution Management

After the product is in online and physical stores, our team provides assistance with managing your EDI and PLI. Additionally, we can continue to review your retail pricing strategy.

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Marketing Services

As one of the most important aspects of a successful product, our company offers continuing marketing services. Having inventory and being placed on store shelves is very exciting, but the absolute most important part of product success is that it sells. We can manage your online and print ad campaigns, social media presence, public relations and trade show representation.

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