Firm Overview


With a strong academic, technical, and business base, we take a global approach to intellectual property law, fully integrating comprehensive intellectual property solutions for your businesses. Our firm understands that intellectual property issues touch various aspects of a business and, accordingly, our attorneys and their support staff provide a broad menu of intellectual property and business-related legal services. From identification of patentable subject matter, through application and prosecution, to enforcement and comprehensive business support for a broad assortment of clients, the attorneys of Gugliotta & Gugliotta, LPA have represented a very diversified collection of products and innovations. 

The IP Practice Group provides the broad strength and depth of representation needed in managing your intellectual property assets. We have handled just about every aspect that can be included in a patent, trademark, and copyright practice, including international filings, the successful prosecution of over 3000 patent applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, medical, electronic, and business system areas, successful prosecution of hundreds of trademark applications, as well as trademark infringement enforcement and defense litigation, as well as Opposition and Cancellation prosecution and defense before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. 

Representative Arts 

Electrical / Computer 

Remote optical sensors and signal transmission (US6040897, WO99/56093); Remote tire pressure sensing and alarm transmission (US6011463); Remote alert apparatus (US5684455, US568924); Electronic appliances and goods (e.g. US6102935, US61439663, US6147418, US6165040, US5999105, US5619872, US5646954); Instrumentation and controls systems (US6152059, US5950293, US5979602, US5553454, US5657003, US5736651); Remote Internet(TM) appliance control and intra-communication; Home automation remote monitoring and control; Digital conversion of analog handwriting input; Voice activate appliance control; Weather radar imaging and interpretation alarm; Voice and data transmission, communication, and switching; Solid state voice recording and playback; Fiber optic signal transmission and intercommunication for distributive process control as well as optic signal amplification (repeater) and attenuation correction; Multiple channel sound system using multi-speaker arrays; Electronic scoring system for use with shooting a virtual target; process and apparatus for automated network performance and security management; Coupling optics for light transmission system; aftermarket vehicle cylinder deactivation device; cellular phone enabled emergency tracker; Menu driven radio frequency selection system for ethnically based broadcasts; Apparatus and method for use with novice driversfor preventing excessive speed Medical 

Electronically sanitized medical devices (US6053380); Improved reusable cold pack for topical therapeutic usage; Endotracheal tube anti-disconnect system; Apparatus and method for ice water immersion therapy; Medical treatment garment with two-way zippered access to patient ports; Apparatus for maintaining hygiene for upper extremity amputation or hemiplegia and method of use thereof; thermal therapy pain management system; toe stretcher; electro-therapy simulator osteoarthritis; therapeutic tanning eye covering; foot massaging and support apparatus; foot preparation apparatus; fitness apparatus; improved cervical traction / stretch device; heat transfer garment for cooling; 


Industrial and commercial automation equipment (US6070485, US5722526); Vehicle wheel alignment using laser calibration (US5760938); Assisting device for wheel lug bolt installation and kit thereof; Reusable aftermarket particulate collection member for otherwise conventional consumer floor vacuum cleaners; Erosion control silt tube handling device; Post hole shoring device and method; Portable water dispenser for pets; Banana freezing and protecting device; Home audio mounting system having thematic designed support housing; Essence extractor drinking device; Modular meat tenderizer; food service film dispenser container; lockout tool; process and apparatus for automated network performance and security management; variable resistance wheel; apparatus for distributing animal bedding; Hose clamp removal pliers; offset adapter; oil cap removal tool; improved crossbow; dry fire arrestor; hanger storage system; heated caulk gun; Method

and apparatus for distribution improved growth of ornamental grasses; 


Electrochemical storage device of high specific power; Method of cleaning the area of polluted non homogenous ground; Ceramic material based on bismuth niobate substituted with zinc; processes for deposition of SiO based insulator coatings on silicon substrates for optoelectrical device applications; Method of sensor conditioning for improving signal output stability for mixed gas measurements; method for improving performance and longevity of solid electrolyte gassensor; Lambda sensor structure with improved sensitivity; 

Business Methods 

Customized shoe insoles and coordinated designs and business method application thereof; method and apparatus for forming a pizza having individually topped slices; Method and system for creation, distribution, aggregation, return, donation, exchange, verification, redemption and clearing of incentives. 

Firm Biographies 

John D. Gugliotta, P.E., Esq. 

State of Ohio – Registration No. 0062809 

United States Patent & Trademark Office – Registration No. 36,537 

State of Ohio Professional Engineer – Registration No. E-54503 

JD, Cleveland Marshall College of Law, 1993 

BS, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1985 

Prior to entering the legal field, John held various engineering positions, including: 

Process Engineer for The Dow Chemical Company, maintaining operations for world class plastics and pharmaceutical production facilities 

Senior Systems Engineer for Elsag-Bailey NV (Bailey Controls) designing, configuring, installing, and starting up automated computer control equipment for various clients in the chemical, paper, and co-generation industries. 

Office of Corporate General Counsel for Morrison Knudsen Corporation, a major E&C firm, advising senior management on a wide range of technical, engineering, and legal matters. 

An experienced Attorney with over 20 years of private general practice concentrating on patent and intellectual property matters, John has dealt with fortune 500 companies, mid-market public and closely held industrial and consumer products companies, as well as incubator startups, rapidly growing small businesses, and ground floor independent inventors. 

Nathan J. Gugliotta, Esq. 

State of Ohio — Registration No. 0096962 

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio 

JD, The University of Akron School of Law, 2017 (Certificate of Intellectual Property and Technology) BA, Political Science, The University of Akron, 2014 

Nathan is a trademark, copyright, and business lawyer. Among other things, Nathan has assisted his clients in conducting trademark clearance searches to ensure potential brand names are free of potential conflicts, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, responding to and overturning Office Action rejections issued by USPTO examining attorneys, and representing clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board in both prosecution and defense of Opposition and Cancellation proceedings, as well as representing clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board with respect to appeals. Nathan also counsels his clients in forming new businesses as well as protecting their various business assets, such as trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and more.

Nathan graduated from The University of Akron with a B.A. in Political Science as well as a Juris Doctorate from The University of Akron School of Law. He is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Ohio and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.