How did Idea Buyer help make Don Bar a Successful Product?

Don Bar Case Study

Don Bar is a perfect example of an Idea Buyer product that our team was able to contribute to the success of their business!


The Don Bar is an easy-on bracket system allows anyone to safely get on and off of a zero turn mower.  Named after the inventor’s father, this product makes sure the operator does not have to face concern of balance and safety when boarding and off-boarding their lawn mower.


When Don Bar came to Idea Buyer, the product was selling locally for about a year.  In that year, around 100 units sold through word of mouth and their contracts with 5 smaller and local retailers.  Don Bar was not in large retail stores and wanted to expand their business, so they came to Idea Buyer for assitance.


The Idea Buyer team began with improvements to the product’s logo and packaging.  

Then, we updated and improved their website to match. Click here!

 Idea Buyer also helped in improving the product’s durability and design by creating multiple prototypes. Using different steel materials ensured DB Mower’s customers would be getting the best quality with their purchase.  After all of these steps were completed, our team successfully gained interest in the DB Mower from Tractor Supply Co. Seeing the Don Bar on shelves of a well known retailer, specializing in home improvement and home care products was a great example of an Idea Buyer success!


Where are they now?

The DB Mower is currently being actively sold in Tractor Supply Co. stores and on Amazon.  Outreach continues for the DB mower to seek additional retailers looking to add new and innovative products to their inventory. 



How did we help?


The team at Idea Buyer helped the business with branding, website updates, and improving the product’s durability and design.  Idea Buyer was also successful in sourcing retail relationships for the DB mower. 


Continue to check back for updates on the DB Mower. The Idea Buyer team believes this product will continue to be recognized as a successful product.