Idea Buyer Success Story- Romp & Roost

Romp & Roost

Idea Buyer Success Story – Infant & Child Industry

We consider Romp & Roost a favorite Idea Buyer Success Story for many reasons. After years of working together, the CEO and Founder has become someone we truly enjoy working with. It has been a true partnership in the sense that we each know the other has the passion to see Romp & Roost become a household name!

When Romp & Roost came to Idea Buyer, they had spent over $60,000 with another company. They had 500 units in inventory with over a 60% failure rate. Unacceptable within the baby industry, the units were not able to be released and had to be trashed.

The Idea Buyer team immediately started to redesign the product, in order to reduce the failure rate. With the new design, we improved their marketing materials and reached out to our network of buyers. Based on retailer feedback about the product, we helped our partners create a new pattern style that would align with consumer preferences.

Our team oversaw the overseas production of 1,000 Romp & Roost units, which resulted in less than a 1% failure rate.

Where are they now?

Romp & Roost is now being sold in 8 big box retailers. Idea Buyer helped to secure sales in Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart and Amazon. They are currently exploring 3 offers from major baby product brands* to license their intellectual property.

*As the negotiations are still underway, we currently cannot disclose this information.

How did we help?

Idea Buyer reduced Romp & Roost manufacturing costs by 10%, decreased the product’s failure rate by 59%, increased profit margins by 8.1% and assisted in developing relationships with over 10 interested companies. We couldn’t be happier to have helped this entreprenuer become an Idea Buyer success story!