Idea Protection

Considering protecting your idea?

Idea Buyer offers clients intellectual property protection and listing services for clients that have a great idea but are not quite ready to fully develop it. While having a great idea is exciting, protecting it is imperative.

Here’s how we can help:

Our patent attorneys will walk you through the protection and filing process. Initial research will be conducted in order to confirm that the patent does not infringe on existing patents.

**Please note: If you currently have a provisional patent, our legal team will need to review that document to ensure that it covers the features and functions we have discussed.

When working on the first draft, they will strive for the coverage on the features and functions to remain broad enough to protect from future potential infringement. Once the patent is drafted, we will send it to you for your review.

The patent will not be filed without your approval.

As soon as the patent is filed, you will be considered “Patent Pending”. The filing date is the most important aspect of the patent, as the USPTO can take 1-3 years to review your patent filing.

Once the product or technology has reached a “Patent Pending” status, your patent will be listed for sale or license on our website for ONE YEAR and immediately be broadcast to our network of interested buyers. Your listing will be created by one of our product specialists to highlight its most desirable features and functions.

Your listing information will be sent to you for approval and you will be given your login information to access your profile. All interested parties will contact you directly through the site via the messaging system.


Protect and post your intellectual property today! Contact Us now to get started by filling out our form, emailing us or calling us directly at (832) 683-1527.

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