Food Product, Mr. Perogie’s Success

The best perogies with the very BEST dough recipe… Mr. Perogie

A case study of a food product and the avenues Idea Buyer was instrumental in their success.

A brand, well-known in Canada, Mr. Perogie came to Idea Buyer looking to expand into the U.S. market. With a delicious and proprietary recipe, there were two avenues worth perusing: retail and licensing.


As with any product, Idea Buyer evaluated current branding and made slight changes. The brands mascot got a slight makeover but maintained crucial recognizable aspects. The new and improved brand materials were used to update the company’s website and packaging for frozen product able to be easily microwaved. Marketing efforts targeted differentiating qualities between Mr. Perogie and competitors. Retail and wholesale pricing calculations are based on industry standards and company margins.



Where are they now?

In late 2017, Idea Buyer assisted Mr. Perogie through conversations with General Mills, regarding a potential licensing opportunity but ultimately decided to pass on their offer. 

The proprietary recipe is currently under review by another large company, looking to license.

This is a great step for the brand, and covers both of their goals when starting with Idea Buyer – to get into the U.S. market and to share their perogies with more people. 


How did we help?


Idea Buyer helped with rebranding, new website development, established pricing, and outreach for both retail and licensing, that led to a relationship with General Mills and now another large brand (***Confidential***) that is interested in putting Mr. Perogie’s dough in more households than ever before.