Information Submission Confidentiality Policy

Confidential Submission

We understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property. All of the information submitted through the ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Submit Your Idea’ forms will remain confidential within Idea Buyer, LLC. As a requirement of employment, all Idea Buyer, LLC employees have signed legally bound confidentiality agreements to ensure the protection of the intellectual property.

Idea Buyer, LLC will not use any of the information provided through the submission forms mentioned above for any reason other than evaluating a potential partnership with the intellectual property holder. If a partnership is not made between the two parties, the information discussed will remain confidential and should be considered forgotten.


Idea Buyer, LLC reserves the right to notify the appropriate authorities for any and all information submitted that it deems as immoral, unethical, illegal or with the intent to do harm.

Idea Buyer, LLC reserves the right to share or sell information to third parties under the requirement they agree to treat your information as confidential. This will take place if the provider is thought to potentially provide value to your business.

For more information about how our company handles confidential submissions, please contact