Idea Buyer Success – Phone Thrones

Case Study- Phone Thrones

UPDATE!!! – The Phone Throne has launched! To see each of the individual prototypes and product variations, click here!

While Phone Thrones success is still in process, the growth of their business because of Idea Buyer is worth noting.

Phone Thrones came to Idea Buyer with a solid product concept and a wooden prototype. Having been working on this concept of a product that could support electronic devices on soft surfaces, the creators of Phone Thrones sought help from Idea Buyer with branding, manufacturing management and retail set-up.

Idea Buyer’s creative team started with developing the most appropriate logo and branding while also creating new renders for a better product explanation. With this information we were able to create a proof-of-concept prototype, with vast improvements on their original prototype.

The Phone Thrones team knew that the success of their product would be to answer the market demand for it. Idea Buyer sourced the most appropriate and cost-effective manufacturer to provide quotes. Ready-to-print packaging was created by the Idea Buyer team to accommodate the run. After the review and approval of three rounds of manufacture-ready prototypes, Phone Thrones was ready for mass production!


Where are they now?

Phone Thrones is currently preparing for their first manufacturing run to fulfill online demand for sales. While also overseeing the first run of Phone Thrones, Idea Buyer continues to explore retail and licensing opportunities. 


How did we help?


The team at Idea Buyer helped with patenting and trademarking, branding, launching the website, improving their prototype and creating packaging to prepare for manufacturing.  We will also oversee the manufacturing process of the product and recommend an appropriate pricing strategy for optimal profit margins. Our team will continue to manage retail opportunities for Phone Thrones.


***Check back for updates on Phone Thrones success!